Sunday, December 18, 2011

A blessing in disguise.

I once thought my only besties would be the ones that were made in high school,
but God really loves me,
because it was a blessing in disguise...

My course mates are only made up of a hand full of people,
it is considered a really really really small gang,
compared to other courses.
Journalism isn't something students would normally take,
popular courses were PR, Business and of course engineering.
With approximately 13 people in my class,
you can't really choose who to be friend with do you?
But really...
It was my blessing in disguise.

Although most of them come from different places,
we all really mingle well.
It's like a needle and thread,
different personalities do not cause clashes,
instead we complemented each other.
We worked well as a team~
And I wouldn't want it any other way! <3

An early Merry Christmas ^^

Our mom~~

Pictures by Lee li *our very own mom XD*

Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's been 4 days since i finished my finals,
back in Ipoh again~
but this time, am not feeling so well.
I think it was partly due to the weather and my sleeping habits.
Got a cold, or should i say a sore throat instead.
It got quite severe after a few days of constant late night chit chats
and without taking care of what i was eating,
especially the fry stuff XD

Although was quite sick,
it did not stop me from eating crabs and hang out at my friend's place till 1am.
It was kinda a farewell cum birthday party~
One of my bestie is leaving for Genting Highlands to work as a card dealer.
I was originally against the idea,
but it's her decision and i respect that.
Had a fun time catching up and taking pictures ^^
Kinda feels like taking a trip back down memory lane.
Those years we spend in high school came gushing through me,
tears were welling up in my eyes,
but being the strong person that i am =P
Managed to hold it in.

This is 1 of my favourite quotes~
It is also 1 that matches our situation.
I wish you my dear friend nothing but the best of luck in life.
Till the next time we meet ^^
"Every ending is a new beginning."

*Pictures taken by Yaner*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pit-ta, Pat-ta~ the rhythm of the pouring rain~

It's been raining for quite sometime now.
At first it was really annoying,
heavy rain always disrupt my internet connection T_T
but as i got used to it,
i came to enjoy the sound of rain drops
falling on my roof~
It is so comforting and soothing to the ear.

Currently trying to study, while blogging and listening to music.
Abandoned my blog for quite sometime now,
it's time i gave it another update XD
Am having my finals this saturday~
wish me luck ^^

Have to get back to my studying now~
will try to be back as soon as possible.
Hopefully i won't be lazy to offer you another update =P

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Political science project, indigenous people in malaysia

Today me and my political science group mates went and did our research project in an orang asli village near kampar.
it was kinda shocking that there was a rural village just in the outskirts of
kampar town.
if it was not for this assignment, we would have never know that such place exist
and that these people do not get benefits like we, who lives in the town does.

We set off at 1.20pm from our university and picked up a church pastor who is also an orang asli from a primary school and set out to our destination.
the pastor was like a translator and a guide to us,
because there was some language barrier and we do not know the place at all.
the people there was really friendly and greeted us warmly.
when we started doing our research by asking them questions,
they did not kept any information to their selves and answered all our questions sincerely.
they even offered us drinks during the interview session.
the whole trip roughly lasted for 2 hours before we packed our stuff and left.

these were the lovely indigenous people who welcome us warmly ^^

this is a picture we took when we were leaving XD

this is the pastor who brought us here, without him, we will not make it there =P
thank you pastor!!!

This assignment was one of the most meaningful thing i've did.
it really gave me insight of how the indigenous people of malaysia lived.
and it also made me realise how unfair our country treatment is towards them.
we did an education survey on the children there.
and it shock me and my group mates when we got to know that a girl age 12 is not going to school because of various reasons.
i thought not being able to go to school was stories we watch from tv or a story book.
i never really gave much thought on this problem until now.
it kinda made me realise that not only this girl is facing this problem.
many more out there might be the same.
this trip really made me open my eyes to more social problems that my country is facing now.

Finally updating my blog & trip to penang on 10th and 11th june

Oh my gosh, it's been sooooo long since i last updated my blog.
i feel so ashamed XD
but i'm updating it now, so it's fine.
anyway, it's been like 7 months since my last update,
and now i'm already a degree student! *yay!!!*
i'm officially a journalism student in my first year.
whee~~ forward to 10th of june.
i went to penang to be reunited with my dear ns friends again.
thanks to eugene, i got a free ride to and fro ^^
it was really really fun to see those dear penangits again!!

meow, joyce and me~~ we're getting the steamboat stuff ready!

celine cam-whoring when we were working, grrrr ><

this is the stuff we prepared, looks yummy right XD

after steamboat we went to straits quay~~
it's berlinz~~ whee =P

really had fun that 2 days~
and gosh, i really missed them loads <3
hopefully i'll go back to penang soon~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family gatherings are alway warm ^^

Some people might agree and some might not...
but family gatherings alway makes me feel so warm and loved.

To some, family gatherings might be a drag, because it's boring.
to others, it might just be like any other occasion where you brag about your perfect life and kids you have.
but to me, family gatherings makes me feel blessed and helps me realize that no matter what happens, there will always be a room full of people who will lend a hand.

If you minus the overwhelming numbers of people,
and the very westernized culture for a chinese family,
my family is just like any other ordinary family,
but we all share a very strong bond that is unbreakable.
no matter how far or how busy everyone gets,
we will always squeeze out time for family gatherings.
it is our family's culture,
and it is a tradition that we will always uphold,
for as long as the Yeow family lives.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wasting time doing nothing T_T

Currently at my hometown...
having another test on tuesday,
yet i'm just slacking here.
tried to study,
but it was all in vain.
ended up blogging and surfing the net.

anywaz am currently listening to Far East Movement's Rocketeer.
am addicted to them lately~~
they will seriously be the next big asian group in the states ^^